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Litchfield Park Pool Service

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Pool Cleaning Done Right


Chemical Monitoring

Our Litchfield team expertly monitors and adjusts pool and spa chemicals—Chlorine, Salt, pH, Alkalinity, TDS—to ensure optimal water quality.


Equipment Check

Our team examines and activates your pool equipment each visit, making necessary adjustments for smooth operation.


Surface Skimming

We remove leaves and other debris from the surface of your pool to maintain cleanliness and proper chemical balance.


Pool Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of your pool and spa bottom keeps the water crystal clear and free of debris, enhancing swimmer comfort.


Basket Cleaning

We empty skimmer and pump baskets to prevent clogging, helping your pool equipment run efficiently and prevent potential future problems, protecting your pool and your wallet.


Wall brushing

We expertly monitor and adjust pool and spa chemicals—Chlorine, Salt, pH, Alkalinity, TDS—to ensure optimal water quality.


Chemical treatment

Appropriate chemicals are administered to maintain water clarity and hygiene, tailored to your pool’s specific needs.


Debris Removal

All visible debris is netted from the pool, ensuring a clean and inviting swimming environment.

Expert Litchfield Park Pool Service and Beyond

Pool Care Arizona is your oasis in the relentless Arizona heat.

We proudly serve Litchfield Park and its surrounding communities with exceptional pool maintenance and repair services.

Our expert pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance services ensure your pool remains a pristine, refreshing retreat all year long, no matter the season.

Enjoy crystal-clear water and hassle-free upkeep with our expert team by your side.

Top-Rated Litchfield Park Pool Service Reviews

Rated 4.9 on Google as of June 2024

Aspasia Angelou
Aspasia Angelou
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Pool Care Arizona has been timely, trustworthy and affordable for my saltwater pool care. I highly recommend PCA!
Jaeme M.
Jaeme M.
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Jacob quickly resolved persistent issues with the Pentair system at my Goodyear rental property, ensuring it was guest-ready. His expertise and responsiveness were outstanding. I highly recommend him for top-notch pool service!
Katy C.
Katy C.
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Pool Care Arizona excels in service. Jacob's team fixed my backwash valve for $125 less than competitors and visited the same day I called. As a new pool owner, Jacob even guided me through filter issues after hours. Exceptional!
Darrel M.
Darrel M.
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Outstanding customer service! Needed someone to look at sand filter and 40 min later he showed up for estimate and instead of trying to upsell me he was honest fixed my vacuum and got me rolling again. He even Donated a couple parts... I'm now signing up for weekly service at my request not his. Would HIGHLY recommend this company.
Linda D.
Linda D.
Read More
Always available and always professional. These guys know what they're doing and I appreciate their expertise.

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